CoeLux srl

Insubria University Spin-off:

Headquarters & Legal office: c/o Parco Scientifico di ComoNExT
Via Cavour 2
22074 Lomazzo (CO) Italy
Tel: +39 02 36714394 Email:

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About us

Insubria University

About us

"Science and technology, like art, allow us to reproduce reality, putting on stage the laws that we believe are relevant in nature. As in a theater, the performance does not replace the reality, but opens a window which allows us to discover the real world as we’ve never seen it before.

Paolo Di Trapani
Founder and CEO
CoeLux Srl is a hightech spin-off of Insubria University at Como, Italy, founded by Professor Paolo Di Trapani, and is headquartered in ComoNext technology park, a site created by the Como Chamber of Commerce with the aim of creating an incubator environment to promote the growth and competitiveness of local businesses with high innovation capabilities. CoeLux® is a research project funded by the European Union under the 7th Framework Program for research and development. The validity of the results were confirmed by the European Commission which selected CoeLux as one of the 12 most technologically innovative projects in Europe, and hosted it at the “Innovation Convention” 2014 in Brussels.
CoeLux® is the registered trademark of the technology.

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