The light of Northern Europe, the Mediterranean and
The Tropics are the three types of settings that CoeLux offers for you to experience, anywhere, anytime.

  • CoeLux 60

    For those who prefer the more dramatic slice of tropical light, CoeLux 60 offers yet an additional solution in a skylight with cooler, vertical sunlight, and the maximum luminance contrast of light and shadow.

  • CoeLux 45

    For lovers of the Mediterranean basin there is CoeLux 45, a skylight featuring a 45 degree ceiling beam that offers an equal balance of light and shade, best enhancing the shapes and volumes that have historically flourished in outdoor architecture.

  • CoeLux 30

    For enthusiasts of Nordic countries, CoeLux 30 is available, with a 30 degree angle beam relative to the horizon. It is a wall window and is capable of reproducing a warm, grazing light.

CoeLux Shortlisted for the 2014 LUX Awards
CoeLux Shortlisted for the 2014 LUX Awards