Acknowledgements and awards

Acknowledgements and awards

CoeLux srl has already received several prestigious national and international acknowledge and awards.



Since 1958, the World Design Organization recognises the Good Design Awards as the most prestigious design awards in Australia. In 2019 this acknowledgement, which celebrates new excellent products on the Australian market in the design and architecture worlds, received a record number of almost 700 candidate projects from 378 brands, 123 of which originating from other continents.

CoeLux won the Gold Good Design Awards in the Product Design category.


CoeLux® has been selected by the EU COMMISION as one of the top twelve best performing EU-funded projects for the techno-logy innovation in FP7.


CoeLux® has been granted a new EU project - CoeLux VR 666794 – in the framework of the Horizon 2020 research program. The project obtained the top evaluation amongst the proposal submitted in the section Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials and Production (NMP).


CoeLux® won the 2014 Lux Award of the Lighting Industry Association as the “Light source innovation of the year”. The Award was collected at the Troxy theater during the Lux Live Festival in London on November 20, 2014.

CoeLux® has been nominated by EdisonReport, a leading site for news and information for the lighting industry in North America, as one of the Top 10 products of 2014.


CoeLux® has been nominated by MIT Technology Review Italia as one of the ten Italian ”Smart & Disruptive Companies” of 2015.

This award is dedicated to companies that will bring great innovations in the world.


CoeLux® has been nominated among the technology pioneers 2015. Among previous winners are: Cyberdyne (2014), Nest Labs (2014), Azuri Technologies (2013), Dropbox (2012), Kickstarter (2012), Spotify (2011), Twitter (2010), Wikimedia (2008), Mozilla Corporation (2007), MBA Polymers (2006) and Google (2002).

FX Awards

CoeLux® has been awarded by the UK magazine FX as the best Lighting Product of 2015.

This award is tipically dedicated to companies in the contract interiori design and architectural fields.


CoeLux® has been awarded with the Judges’ Special Technology Awards at LuxLive Middle East exhibition. The prize has been established by LuxLive exhibition, the largest fair dedicated to lighting in the UK, for the first time this year helded in the UAE.

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