Experience the sky from the first fully open MRI system

Experience the sky from the first fully open MRI system

In Healthcare, CoeLux is essential as it can improve the mood of patients and staff, reducing stress. CoeLux products are compliant with hospitals’ specialized machinery, which are usually positioned in spaces with no natural light (like bunkers).

During the next SIRM 2022 conference, scheduled in Rome from 6 to 9 October, it will be possible to see live an MRI machine whose design is focused on the patients and their comfort. 

Using hts mgb2 superconductors, MROpenEVO is the first open MRI system that reduces the barriers between the patient and the space around him, often a cause of stress and claustrophobia.

Being able to observe a clear and serene sky, and staying in a naturally lit space, will improve the mood of patients and staff, reducing stress and facilitating the patient's relaxation. 

6-9 October 2022
La Nuvola, Viale Asia snc, 00144 Roma - Italy

EXHIBITION AREA FORUM, Booth ASG Superconductors, 65-66

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