CoeLux<sup>&reg;</sup> 45 HC

CoeLux® 45 HC

CoeLux® artificial windows reproduce the true effect of the light and space of the outdoor. The products faithfully mimic natural sunlight, a clear blue sky and its infinite depth. One distinct “sun” bursts down into the scene through the opening, either on the ceiling or on the wall. Objects shine in the exceptional light and cast sharp and blue-toned shadows, colored by the sky. Both sun and sky are at infinite distance, as for a real-window case.

For lovers of the Mediterranean basin there is the CoeLux® 45 family, featuring a 45-degree solar-elevation angle. The family guarantees an ideal balance of light and shade, thus enhancing the shapes and volumes that have flourished in outdoor architecture in the past.

The CoeLux® 45 HC is designed for ceiling installations. The product offers the largest skylight among current CoeLux® solutions, having an aperture of approx 1.5 sqm (approx 16 sqft).


Installation Features
Environment of use Indoor
Type of installation Drop ceiling
Warranty period 2 years
Part number COELUX®45HC_UL
Dimensional Features
Device dimensions 3761 x 2274 x 968 mm (148.1 x 89.5 x 38.1")
Weight 300 kg (660 lb)
Sky-light size 1724 x 870 mm (67.9 x 34.3")
Suggested area for a unit Up to 20 m² (215 ft²)
Lighting Features
Type of source LED (not dimmable)
Max power consumption (W) 300
Typical power consumption (W) 270
Power input 100-240 V~ 50/60 Hz
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