CoeLux Headquarters

CoeLux Headquarters


CoeLux, founded in 2009, is the result of the scientific research project led by an interdisciplinary team of researches of the University of Insubria in Como. In 2018 the whole company, now structured in the market and with several departments, moved to the new offices at the ComoNExT - Innovation Hub.

ComoNExT is the ideal context for companies and startups who want to be part of an innovative and dynamic environment. It is a strategically winning solution for those who want to keep up with the global economy and production excellence, not only for the wide range of services, but also for its strategic position which is central with respect to the financial and economic dynamics of the Italian, European and global markets.

CoeLux is still based on research and innovation, and was established as a technology driven company, which it has remained over time. It boasts a huge number of patents: more than 150 patents pending, of which 40 have been registered and confirmed. The studies under way are mainly focused on developing increasingly complex technologies further to expand the range of systems available, thereby increasing the possibilities of application in projects of various natures.

Currently the departments into which CoeLux is divided are: R&D, Production/Operations, Technical, Sales, Marketing&Communication and Administation.

The R&D Department consists of opticians, physicists, engineers, chemists with a high scientific know-how, most of them PhDs at the University of Insubria. We have the laboratories where our professionals carry out their research, development and engineering work on new products and concepts, supported by internationally renowned technological/scientific companies, with whom we maintain fruitful and ambitious collaborations.

All departments are in close contact and interface daily with the activities and projects in progress, thanks to the spaces we have in the company: two open spaces, the showroom, laboratories and two meeting rooms. Obviously, in all environments, CoeLux employees can enjoy the natural light of CoeLux, benefiting personally from the countless advantages in the workplace.


CoeLux in workplaces

Studies carried out in collaboration with international research institutes and universities have highlighted the positive effects of CoeLux on people in the workplace. In particular, the studies have shown positive effects on psychological well-being, sleep, increasing melatonin production, stress reduction and improved readiness at work.


CoeLux light in our offices

The offices, the transit areas and the meetings rooms at our Lomazzo headquarters all benefit from the presence of CoeLux’s sky and sun in workspace. At the entrance five new CoeLux HT25 systems are installed. The product was presented on the market at Euroluce 2019 and, ideal for creating semi-continuous windows, it can give the perception of large portions of sky. In an office transit area, that it’s used as a relaxation space to drink a good coffee or to make our visiting customers sit and relax, several CoeLux LS Array systems are installed. The versatility of its allows you to create long corridors of skies.

Finally, in our offices we have two meeting in which we organize meetings, client appointments, weekly reports, implement new strategies. Both are equipped with an HE System.


CoeLux High-end family: recreate the desirable

CoeLux's technology and knowledge defies the concept of desire by bringing the sky and the effects of indoor natural light.

In the clear sky of CoeLux HE systems, a bright sun appears, perceived at an infinite distance, which makes the system particularly realistic and enhances the feeling of depth. By meeting walls and surfaces inside the room, the light emitted creates a spot with defined contours and helps to recreate a natural atmosphere.

CoeLux HE (high-end) is available in three versions: CoeLux 45 HC, CoeLux 45 LC, CoeLux 45 Square, which differ in size and specifications.



Via Cavour 2. ComoNExT - Technology Park, 22074 Lomazzo (Como), Italy
Tel: +39 02 36714394



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