Breast Radiology Department of Mangiagalli Hospital (Milan): women and prevention in first place

Breast Radiology Department of Mangiagalli Hospital (Milan): women and prevention in first place


The Poli-comfort room has been designed to be a welcoming, pleasant and flexible environment. It is designed to accommodate women who are waiting for an examination or the outcome of an examination, children who spend their time playing (in the company of their parents or volunteers), new mothers who are breastfeeding and medical staff.


The project

Covering an area of 32 square meters the project was mainly focused on the idea of a sensory redevelopment of the space, based on careful research of materials and lighting parameters that would make it comfortable and innovative. It was designed by the architect Giulio Ceppi and realized thanks to the contribution of several companies in the design world involved by the president of the Mangiagalli Hospital Marco Giacchetti, among them CoeLux.

Another primary factor of the project is the flexibility in the use of the room in a hybrid and fluid space, able to welcome volunteers, help children to spend the waiting time playing or doing school homework, allow mothers to breastfeed and medical staff to have a business meeting.

The environment created is based on fresh and bright colors and natural materials, which define spaces for relaxation dedicated to adults and children and enriched by innovative technologies for comfort. The Breast Radiology Department is located in the basement of the Mangiagalli Hospital, Milan.


Aims of the project

This space is designed to allow women who undergo tests aimed at preventing or controlling the course of breast cancer to take their children with them. In the room, the children will be able to wait for the result of the examination in the company of a parent or a volunteer.

Strongly desired by Maria Silvia Sfondrini, Head of the Department of Breast Radiology, the Poli-comfort room allows women not to postpone or decline the medical checks because of the problem of where to leave the children.


CoeLux® 45 Square: the geometry of the sky

An opening to the infinity of the sky, in a balance between the ceiling and the wall.

CoeLux 45 Square is the only system in the HE family that can be installed on the wall. Ideal for spaces without high ceilings, it recreates, through a play of mirrors, a perceived square window measuring about 1 square metre. The sensation of depth perceived by the observer is amplified by the geometry of the system: in the mirror placed on the ceiling and through an elaborate system of optics, the sun is reflected, precise and bright. In the room, a soft beam of warm light at 45 degrees naturally contrasts with the shadows and volumes of the objects. The light that diffuses into the room is comfortable and natural.



Clinica Mangiagalli - floor -1
Via della Commenda, 12. Milan, Italy



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