CoeLux<sup>&reg;</sup> sun and sky into the SPIN, SPazio INnovazione of Ars et Inventio

CoeLux® sun and sky into the SPIN, SPazio INnovazione of Ars et Inventio

Tuesday, April 14, SPIN opens its doors to the public hosting a party wherein you can discover CoeLux®, the new technological indoor window featuring the sun inside and even test drive a Tesla motor car, the renowned high-performance electric car.
SPIN, created in collaboration with the designers of MADE.COM and Underline!, marks a new generation of offices and event spaces, featuring the offices of the Ars et Inventio team, Newtone Architects and a lounge space that will host events connected to innovation: brainstorming workshops, exponential, inter-sector laboratories laboratories of Design Thinking and Innothon of technology and solutions.
At the centre of it all is public well-being, because SPIN makes it possible to work, learn, share and innovate using logic of reasoning and intuition of passions.
Thanks to CoeLux®, this space - a creative incubator of innovation - will feature the opportunity to benefit from the pleasure of the light of the sun and the sky in every moment … even at night!
CoeLux® is now available in three lighting scenes: north Europe, Tropics and Mediterranean, for a representation of the spectacle of nature, different but at the same time identical, in the different latitudes of the world. CoeLux® technology is ideal for all types of architecture and gives a new freedom to design spaces and environments, thinking the architecture in a natural but innovative way. The CoeLux® light experience borns from our ancestral background, as part of our knowledge of the sun and the sky, that allow us to discover again the pleasure of being connected to the outdoor.

It is always a pleasure to speak with you! Contact us for any general information.
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