Lightovation: discover CoeLux® at the Dallas Market Center

Lightovation: discover CoeLux® at the Dallas Market Center

CoeLux is opening a showroom in Light + Design, the new lighting center in Dallas.

Design Professionals and Clients can experience the new CoeLux® Design Showroom, open daily and featuring flagship and ST family products in a variety of design formats.​

For the next several months, in the nationally recognized and central U.S. location at Dallas  Market Center, CoeLux® has designed a new showroom for the Light + Design on Ten showroom, within the World Trade Center building. In addition to having the flagship High-End 45 LC, this professional showroom features eighteen ST family units, including TIVANO, NAOS, IBLA and custom wall-wash options on display.
More information can be found here.
The showroom will be presented at Lightovation, the Dallas International Lighting Show (January 17-21), a largest residential lighting show in North America and the primary buying venue for lighting retailers. 


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