The sun will shine night and day at Vilnius airport

The sun will shine night and day at Vilnius airport

For the first time CoeLux® has landed in a place dedicated to the skies. A stunning new installation has opened for the entire world to see at the Vilnius International Airport, Lithuania. Thanks to the work performed by UAB Ekspobalta, the authorized installer and dealer for CoeLux® products in Lithuania, the Vilnius airport will now benefit from CoeLux® technology in an exclusive and unique atmosphere of natural light and wellbeing that comes with the reproduction of the sun and the sky.
Created from the desire to reproduce the concept of outdoor light, CoeLux® technology is the result of ten years of scientific research performed by Professor Paolo Di Trapani, professor of physics in the Department of Science and High Technology and his team at the University of Insubria in Como, Italy.
CoeLux® recreates the sun and the sky to produce a real-like outside experience while being inside through a combination of three fundamental elements: a high-brightness, custom LED projector that reproduces the spectral characteristics of sunlight; sophisticated optic systems to direct the sun rays so that the observer perceives the sky and the sun at an infinite distance; and a nano-structured material that creates the Rayleigh scattering diffusion process that happens naturally within our earth’s atmosphere.
CoeLux® technology allows a new concept of architecture. It returns to architecture the possibility to be what the eyes are for the human being: a window to the sky; and the possibility to be again connected to our familiar origins: the nature and the outdoor.
CoeLux® has developed and commercialized two different systems which can be integrated with architecture. Both systems are suitable for all architectural applications.

CoeLux® products have been sold and installed in Germany, Austria, UK, France, Lithuania, USA, Russia, and Emirates, in addition to several prestigious projects in Italy. 

Multiple markets are ready for CoeLux®: office buildings are an excellent example where many people are working long hours in standard artificial light. Preliminary studies suggest that people under CoeLux® light are less anxious and might be more productive. Another important market is the healthcare sector, specifically hospitals and clinics where CoeLux® light can assist in the wellbeing of patients. High-end residential markets are viable as CoeLux® allows for unique lighting experiences and possibilities, differentiating one home from the next.
The potential market list goes on: transportation, retail, hospitality, spas, and even unexpected elevator spaces. CoeLux® technology can be used to transform the way all spaces are experienced.

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