CoeLux<sup>&reg;</sup> Moon: the Moon between poetry and science

CoeLux® Moon: the Moon between poetry and science

First shown at Euroluce 2017 as a prototype and later at Euroluce 2019 during Milan Design Week, the CoeLux Moon is the first extremely realistic representation of the indoor night sky. 

Savouring a glass of red wine and enjoying a candlelit dinner in the moonlight, fall asleep in the fascinating atmosphere of the night light, experience the peace and tranquillity of the universe indoor. This is the emotion CoeLux  Moon. Always. Whenever there is a need to enter in contact with the universe and to stop the time even when outside the world runs. CoeLux Moon demonstrates how the ability of artificial light to generate comfort and relaxation is connected with the possibility of delivering the experience of an infinite space, even before illuminating. The comfort produced by CoeLux Moon, in fact, is not lower than the one generated by the systems CoeLux® that reproduce the sun in the sky, although the intensity of the light is here thousands of times less.

“The moon, unlike the sun, lets you look at her; it seems she wants to be looked at. The moon is the first celestial object that attracts our amazed eyes, so as to leave us enchanted, admiring it for hours. It is her that when she shines alone in the sky, calls us outside our four walls, to lead us to inhabit a bigger space. She is the first stone in the river, on which the bridge of the rays lies, paving the way towards the cosmos. This is the moon: A window wide open on my real home: the universe" thus Paolo Di Trapani, CEO of CoeLux, narrates CoeLux® Moon.

CoeLux Moon can be installed on the CoeLux® 45 HC and 45 LC systems, offers a double experience: the "day" mode, a window on the sky that illuminates the environment with a blue sky and a bright sun perceived at an infinite distance, and the "night" mode, able to recreate a suggestive and deep intense blue sky illuminated by the moonlight.

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