The evolution of the sun indoor is already a reality

The evolution of the sun indoor is already a reality

CoeLux® ST, the series with more compact dimensions and dimmable, at Euroluce 2017

After the launch in 2014 of the models High-End (CoeLux® 45 HC, CoeLux® 45 LC, CoeLux® SQUARE AND CoeLux® 60), CoeLux® is at the International Lighting Exhibition 2017 with the new generation CoeLux® ST (Sky Tales) available in three versions - CoeLux® ST NAOS, CoeLux® ST TIVANO and CoeLux® ST IBLA, dimmable and Dali compatible. The line CoeLux® ST has more compact dimensions to better adapt to the different application contexts and proposes a vision mediated, rather than direct, of the sun and of the sky. Compared to the previous generation, CoeLux® ST does not allow to directly see the solar disk. The sun rays reach the eye after being reflected, diffused, refracted and diffracted by the various louvres available.

The systems CoeLux® ST thanks to their dimmerability allow to vary the light in the same way the sunlight actually varies. Using CoeLux® ST and the light of the environment you can create different scenarios that reproduce the entire course of the day: from morning to night, from afternoon to evening. CoeLux ST® allows man to give a response to his needs, of light, of dark or of twilight. In this way, the CoeLux® ST systems become also an opportunity to escape, to live every day in a different place, to carry a far reality inside one’s reality, fully living the most important and distinguishing element: light.

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